Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Worship

Sundays are all about worship for us. It's time we choose to set aside to honor and worship God and our savior, Jesus Christ.

We love the church we attend. Especially our kids. We've made some wonderful friends and really, they've become a family to us. People notice when you're not there, they check to make sure all is well, and always have big smiles on Sunday mornings.

It's really an encouraging, refreshing day.

So when I was trying to decide what my pic of the day would be today, what I wanted to remember about today, it was our worship of God that spoke to me.
I tried shooting pics of my open Bible. But I couldn't get the text to frame out the way I wanted it to. Then I remembered a picture I had seen somewhere when I was searching for clip art. And shot the picture above.

It really represents how I feel about this book.

I heart the Bible. And I heart God.

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