Thursday, March 4, 2010


Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhh. Can you hear me scream from out there?

I can't believe this sweater. I have to frog both sleeves and start over. The pattern said I was finished with the sleeves. Ha.

I held them up to my arm and they stopped at my elbow.

My elbow.

This is a full length cable knit sweater with a thick, chunky, oversized cowl neck collar. And they put short sleeves on it. That's going to look ridiculous.

So I decided to lengthen the sleeves. Only now they're not wide enough. They snug up against my arm.

Not comfortable. I hate this sweater.

I'm frogging these sleeves and knitting new ones from a different pattern. This pattern hates me and right now, I'm not too happy with this pattern. And I'm not knitting that oversized cowl neck collar either. My knitting teacher said I didn't have to.

So there. I'm not using you anymore, Mr. Stinky Pattern.

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