Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My New Girl





I know exactly when I got this cold. It was at 10:30 a.m. this morning when my nose became a faucet, I sneezed no less than five times in one minute and my throat got really sore.

So I'm drinking tea, having a little ice cream (because it makes my throat feel better), and going to bed early.

I needed to see something happy before I went to bed and I remembered my favorite purchase from last week. I found her in a discount home store while I was waiting for sissy to meet me. She had three sisters with her: an Eskimo girl, a Japanese geisha, and a Spanish flamenco dancer. But I loved the Russian matryoshka girl the best. She had to come home with me. She kept calling to me even when I put her back.

It was hard to get her out of the store. Women kept spying her in my arms and pointing at her. She was the only one like her. At one point, I had to go outside the store to get a shopping cart and the clerk told me to leave her on a display while I went outside. I wasn't sure she was going to be there when I came back in.

Two women were looking at her and I had to go tell them that she was really mine and the clerk made me put her down while I went to get a cart.

Evidently, store clerks don't like you to leave the store with merchandise you haven't paid for yet.

The ladies were very gracious and said how much they admire her and had seen her sisters on the shelf. I responded in kind and grabbed her quickly and bolted for the cashier. Enough was enough. I was getting out of there, tout de suite.

Can you guess what she is?
A cheese grater!

I can't wait to grate some cheese. I think we'll have tacos tomorrow night.


  1. Cheryl...I love the way you tell a story...this one had me chuckling. Was it Home Goods?
    I may have to go find her long lost, left behind, sister to bring home.

  2. Yup, it was at Home Goods. I may have to go back for a sister or two. I'm feeling guilty about leaving them behind. But really, how many cheese graters can a girl use?