Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Sabotage

Do you see that picture? I'm never going to wear a bathing suit this summer if those things keep showing up in my house.

One of my knitting cohorts brought them for snack at last night's class. No one else wanted to take the leftovers and since I have teens in my house, I was nominated to take them.

Never let it be said that I turn down nominations.

Except to be president. That I would turn down. I don't have time for that job.

But it's what's behind the tray of cannolis that's going to do me in.

Girl Scout cookies. Those are the first two boxes to arrive in the house. I think we bought about a hundred boxes. Ugh. It seemed like such a nice idea when I ordered them. You know, supporting my nieces, and daughter's friends, and neighbor girl down the street.

Now those sweet little girls look like evil saboteurs. That twenty pounds won't go away.

Go figure.

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