Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roses and Eiffel Towers

Okay. I'm tired of making roses. But they're somewhat addictive. I keep thinking I'll make one more and then another and another and before I know it, I have a nice little pile of them.
The red roses were used on a large styro ball and it took about 120 of them to cover one ball. I think it was a 6" styrofoam ball but I'm not sure since I threw the wrapper out before I could remember to look at the measurement. I think it works out to about 20 roses per inch. I made some using 2" balls and they took about 40 roses. The 3" balls took about 60 roses.

It could be coincidence so those numbers are really just a starting point for you. In other words, don't blame me if I messed up the number of roses you need.

These rose balls came out soooo pretty. I heart them. A lot.

I'm making more.
Sunday afternoon was spent with two of my favorite girls in the world - K. and P.

K. and I found an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter on Saturday that had to come home with us. We made iced sugar cookies on Sunday.

The Man came in and wanted to know what the cookies were for.

"Just because," we all said.

Huh. He wasn't sure what to make of that. And then he put one in his mouth. We screamed.

It took four hours to make these beauties.

You don't just pop them in your mouth. You make a cup of tea, get a pretty plate, put a cookie on it and sit with your tea, happily nibbling away at the Eiffel Tower.
What a fun day. Thanks, girlies!


  1. Love those Eiffel Tower cookies - but you should have used that Parisian fabric for a table cover while you ate!

  2. Ha! You're right. Next time....