Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Thrifting and Sweet Sunshine

Got up early this morning to shoot the sunrise with a friend. But she stayed home because she had a cold. I know how that feels.

I caught the sun peeping up over the mountain, behind the barn, through the trees. That sun was playing hide and seek with me for a little while. I finally caught it when I hung over the side of my back porch.
Sissy and I stopped in at a few thrift stores today looking for treasures. We didn't find anything while we were shopping together but after I left her off at home, I went to one more. It's always the last one you look in that you find the good stuff.

I came home with three wool sweaters, ready for felting and a pretty robin's egg blue pitcher.

I have it filled with purple daisies and alstroemeria.

Aaaah. Spring flowers. Love 'em.

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