Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The sun was pouring in the picture window in the dining room yesterday morning and I had to grab my Nikon. Anything in morning light in this spot is beautiful.

Don't be fooled by the lilacs. They're not real. Just in case you were wondering.
I tried a new technique for flowers today. I saw someone do this with ribbon but I didn't have any so I ripped up strips of muslin, calico, and satin.

I tacked them in place and started sewing in a spiral while finger tucking pleats into the fabric. Then I sewed a button in the center of the small flowers.
I like how the muslin and satin flowers came out but I don't like the calico flower. Too flowery. I think I'm a plain Jane.

No offense, Janes.

P.S. I made that log cabin table runner a very long time ago. I still love the pastels for spring. Not that it's spring yet.


  1. You, Cheryl, are uber talented in everything you create! Flower arrangements (are those from Michael's?); pillows; photography. I am humbled.
    I also want to know what camera you shoot with?
    I know it's a Nikon (I'm a Canon girl); and I know that you have a it a 1.8 or 1.4?

  2., er, the flowers are NOT my creation. I bought the whole shebang at Home Goods last year when I was starving for flowers at the end of winter. So no talent there. Floral arranging is not my thing. Plopping real ones in a vase - that's my thing! The Nikon is a D80. And the 50mm lens is a 1.8.